What is Toastyy?

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She stands so tall in her feminine empowerment, striving to be a pillar of strength and support to women everywhere. She is edgy yet elegant, feminine and stylish. To others, she feels gentle yet secure. She is light-hearted yet totally in-tuned. She is cool and genuine, beautiful AND kind. When she enters the room, eyes are drawn to her. She is smart and strong but never in an overbearing way. A true lady, in the most individualistic and inspiring way. She strives to help other women embrace their femininity, strength and independence, leading by example. Those around her feel connected to her and supported by her. Her vibe is classic, lady-like, elegant… but don’t let that fool you, she is a force to be reckoned with. She’s honest and open minded, always promoting a welcoming and encouraging environment. Her bad bitch energy shines brilliantly and her authentic confidence inspires those around her to truly own their power and ambition. She is a modern day goddess and strives to make every woman feel the same. She is bold, fierce, and the definition of an absolutely fearless leader. She sets a new standard of woman, embracing leadership with a desire to give back and help others do the same. She is not here to fit the mold. She is here to create the trend, never follow it.

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